sir.” So we all thr

ee went to the library and to the tabl

  • 菲律宾官方彩票有哪些

    e. Bird and pencil-case had vanished! The doctor was astonished; I and my father were not, but laughed to each other at the doctor’s expression of surprise. “What do you say now, doctor?” quizzed my delighted parent. “That they

    rles,” said the
  • 菲律宾官方彩票有哪些

    are gone!” he replied. “It could not be by ‘the boy home for the holidays,’ now, could it?” “But the bird, sir—where is the bird?” exclaimed the doctor, who fairly felt himself in a dilemma. 266 “Gone to his storehouse,?/p> doctor, “I obj

  • 菲律宾官方彩票有哪些

    ?replied my father. “And where is that?” “I have not been able to discover.” “Have you taken any means to do so?” “I have not. Can you suggest any?” inquired my father. “Watch him,” was the laconic but sensible r

    ect to that; you
  • 菲律宾官方彩票有哪些

    eply. “But the cunning fellow has committed his depredations when he has not been seen.” “Plant some temptation for him, as now, and then place three or four persons to watch where he takes it.” “A very good idea, and I will

    are home for th
  • 菲律宾官方彩票有哪些

    follow it out now, if you please. “I should like very much, for my curiosity is now deeply excited. Ah! Master Charles, you are a boy of an excellent temper to bear so well as you have done with my petulance and hasty conclusions.”

    e holidays. We w
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“Now,” said my father, “I will place my gold pencil-case on the spot where you placed your silver one, and then wait the return of the sly old bird.” This was done, and it was not many minutes before the bird entered, no doubt to see if there were any more bright things to be taken away. What! another pencil-case for Jack! No one was in the room but the doctor, who this time pretended to be deeply e

ngaged in a book, as I had before done, while I and my father planted ourselves in unseen places outside the room. The bird was not slow in accomplishing his theft, and as quickly hopped out of the library with the pencil-case. “Seeing is believing!” exclaime

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